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Matthew 24

An Expose of the Gospel Age

(R) A further reference of relevance at the end of the text.

Verse 1: Jesus knowing all things departs from the temple, signifying its purpose in God's plan was to end. He then starts to tell his disciples of its fate. They asked privately, "What is the 'sign' of His coming and the end of the world", (State of affairs)? Verses 4 - 13: Jesus answers with "Don't be deceived by false prophets and 'sin' which will deceive many": The simplicity of repentance baptism and Holy Ghost baptism clearly revealed to the genuine seeker as salvation by grace, has been all but lost in the Pseudo Christian World, which has not heeded the word of Christ. Versus 15 - 22: Jesus continues to explain the fate of the temple and those who did not believe in Him, this being the abomination of desolation spoken of in verse 15. This was fulfilled when Titus, a Roman General, son of the Emperor of Rome laid siege on Jerusalem because rebellious, so called Jews, who were mainly descendants of Esua wanted religious power and believed Jerusalem and the temple was theirs, (History often repeats itself). They had rejected the words of our Lord, killed the prophets who declared Christ was to come, and instigated His crucifixion. See Matthew 21 verses 33 - 41, out of their own mouth. In Luke 21 the same account in verse 22 says "these are the days of vengeance"; verse 23 "Woe unto them, and wrath upon this people". See Romans 12 verse 19. God's love is available to all people through Jesus, but God does not love all people, and has, and will, destroy those who hate him. When Jerusalem capitulated, the Roman troops of Titus laid waste to the city and burn't the temple. Gold in the temple melted and ran into the foundations, hence every stone of the temple was removed to get the gold, just as Jesus said would happen. According to the Jewish historian Josephus, during the siege, people ate their own children and over a million people died. It was only because of the elect (chosen of God) there was an end. An unsuccessfull siege in 66 AD gave those who had heeded the words of Jesus opportunity to flee. They headed west, where centuries earlier the bulk of the tribes of Israel had already gone. Jerusalem the city, the temple and Judea, ceased to be of any relevance in God's Plan. With future and prophetic mentions of Jerusalem in scripture, referring to the New Jerusalem (Israel's future) who was to become a great nation and the protective mother of God's children, those born again. See Galatians 4 verses 25 - 26, Revelation 21 verses 9 - 12, and Genesis 35 verse 11.

Matthew 24 verses 23 - 26: False prophets and deceit are mentioned, even though it was the time of the early rain (outpouring of the Holy Spirit), see Hosea 6 verse 3 and James 5 verse 7: Paul and others in the epistles to the churches also gave much warning of deceit at this time. Matthew 24 verse 26 says, it is not going to be in some particular place. Verse 27, the lightning (bright shining) people being filled with the Holy Spirit, is the Gospel moving from Judea, west to Europe and eventually to England and the Isles. Acts 16 verse 6 shows the Gospel was not to go east of Judea at this time.

Matthew 24 verse 28: The carcass, which is Israel, instead of breaking down, was a carcass being strengthened and reconstructed by God. See Ezekiel 37. This was despite the hostilities levelled against it by Rome and its allegiance, represented by eagles. The eagle is the insignia of Roman legions.

Around 300AD with the early rain coming to an end due to the Christian experience being Romanized. Things for true Christians (Children of God) and Israel (Wife of God) see Revelation 12 verse 17, deteriorated to the point where all allegiance had to be given to the Roman Church. Who claimed to be the bride or wife of Christ, with millions of people losing their lives at her hands. Revelation 17 verse 5 - 6 and Revelation 18 verse 7. Matthew 24 verse 29: The Sun and the Moon being darkened represented Israel at this time. See Genesis 37 verses 9 - 10. She possessed God's word and bought forth the man child Jesus, a descendant of the Tribe of Judea. See Revelation 12 verses 13 - 17. The falling stars of heaven were the slaughtered saints. The migrations of Israel now called Anglo-Saxons and like tribes into the British Isles, see Isaiah 24 verse 15, helped by God was at full steam around 722 AD, with political unity in the 10th century (R). The inquisitions of Rome in Europe never occurred in England or her colonies. The first 1000 years of the Gospel age had finished, the new millennium had began. (R1)

In the isles the reconstruction of the carcass continued until Israel became the most powerful and largest empire the world had ever known. Genesis 35 verse 11. Whom God would use to execute his plan.

Matthew 24 verse 30: When the empire spread to the four corners or winds of the earth they did it in the name of Jesus Christ, with his sign the cross, the clouds of heaven a reference to this new powerful people coming in mighty ships whose sails appeared as great clouds on the horizon. Who replaced pagan ritual with the rule of justice and judgement, see Genesis 18 verses 18 - 19. The tribes of the earth mourning the loss of their false gods.

Verse 31: The angels (messengers) followed wherever the empire spread with the sound of a trumpet (The Gospel) gathering the elect, those who would become sons and daughters of God by obedience to the directives of Jesus. This great outpouring of The Holy Spirit (The latter rain) commenced shortly after the King James Bible was published in 1611. By 1750 virtually the entire population of America considered itself as evangelical Christians. Great revivals continued until about the mid nineteen eighties.

Verse 34: This generation (Genus: type of people) the Spirit filled true believers, will not pass away till all be fulfilled.

Verse 35: Heaven and earth shall pass away. See Corinthians 15 verse 47. Heaven being the body of Christ as we know it, and earth, the worldly political state of affairs, will pass away at the end of the spirit filled reign.

Verse 36: Only God knows when, but as verses 32 and 33 point out those who are His will know when it is near, and that time is now.

Verses 37 - 39: It will be sudden, the truly wicked, those who work actively against God's grace, will be destroyed as they were in the abomination of desolation. II Peter Chapter 3 clearly describes the event.

Verses 40 - 42: Those who have repented, been baptised by immersion, filled with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues, who have overcome sin in their lives. Regardless of where they fellowship, will be glorified with Christ. See Colossians 3 verse 4, I John 3 verse 2, Revelation 21 verses 7 - 8. Those left will be judged out of the books, because in the throne room of God there is no sin. The earth, those of the world, and heaven, those filled with the Holy Spirit, who put Jesus to shame, will be fearful prior to the judgement (correction), see Revelation 20 verses 11 - 12. Though a better future for them "may" await, eternity is no guarantee. The true life of every individual will be revealed.

Verses 43 - 44: Be ready, don't be deceived.

Verses 45 - 51: The Lords household is the spirit filled. The servant is the Pastor. For the faithful there is extra blessing, for the unfaithful added condemnation.

Verses 48 - 49: The term drunken is a reference to Rome, see Revelation 17 verses 5 and 6. Here the Pastor stops relying on the vision of Christ's glorious appearing, and starts looking to worldly pseudo Christian unity, now called ecumenicalism and its so called power. A unity instigated by Rome in 1986, full of idols and variations of God's word, which smites the true believers, and tries to steal away their salvation, verse 51, completely hypocritical receiving the reward of a hypocrite.

Be Not Deceived

(R) The nourishment of a time, times and a half time, see Daniel 7 verse 25 and Revelation 12 verse 14 is 1260 years as the Bible student would know. The time spoken of was when Israel the woman, (translated over 70 times as wife in other parts of the Bible) was delivered from Rome into a safer place which was England. This time finished around 1982 when the power of Rome started his deceit of the nations of expanded Israel, which is now found in the four quarters of the earth. Revelation 20 verse 3, 7 and 8.

(R1) Acts 2 verse 18: Is the early rain (outpouring of the Holy Ghost). Verse 19 and 20 is the unparalleled tribulation and death before the notable day of the Lord comes. II Peter 3 verse 8: The 1000 year notable day, which in Acts 2 verse 21 is when people could call upon the Lord and be saved without the fear of murderous Rome. Culminating in the latter rain (outpouring of the Holy Ghost) which seemed to come to an abrupt halt in the mid nineteen eighties.

All Scripture is From the King James Bible

Gods Plan The Invasion of Gog and Magog Ephisians 5 Matthew 24 Spirit of Divination Alcohol According To the Apostles Doctrine The Man Who Baptised a Nation